Bizinex©MES is a powerful and innovative yet simple to use Point-of-Sale solution for retail and wholesale businesses.  It is ideal for any stocking business that needs to efficiently process transactions at point of sale with real time posting to stock and general ledgers.  In addition, service businesses such as gaming studios, arcades, medical & dental clinics, and many others can benefit from Bizinex©MES.  Its intuitive user interface makes it a breeze to ring up sales quickly and efficiently, record sales and purchase orders and invoices, and maintain customers and vendor records.  Its user friendly reports and the ability to track virtually all financial activity will allow management to stay close to your customers.

Complete with, Cash Management, Inventory Control, Financial and Sales module, and much more, Bizinex© MESbrings to an end your search for a powerful, affordable, and legally licensed point-of-sale system available in Pakistan or elsewhere in the world.

Whether your challenge is managing your inventory holding costs, or you are looking for a system that allows you to maintain price levels, improve customer satisfaction; whether you need a system that can keep track of your customers, or you want to get reports on complete business activity, Bizinex© MES is the answer.

Your business changes quickly. With Bizinex© MES you can respond quickly with the insight you and your employees need to make decisions confidently. And with greater visibility into inventory management trends, and employee productivity, you can maximize business success.

A successful retail business relies on quick and real-time stocking information. Bizinex© MES provides increased insight into sales, inventory, customers, and costs. With the improved visibility into your business, you and your people can make better business decisions with more confidence, maximizing profitability.

Built on Microsoft’s best yet Dot Net Technologies and driven by one of the best database engines, SQL Server, in the industry, maintain your financial data in a secure database in stand-alone or client-server environment. It will grow with your business. Your only limit is the size of your hard drive on your server.

The technical support by Bizinex© MES will really win your heart. Whether you need help with navigation or need to get a report, our technical support is easy to get and gentle on your pocketbook. What about custom reports that you might need? Bizinex© MES Product Enhancement Service will be glad to design any custom reports that you might need quickly and accurately. There are no support plans to buy and no hefty maintenance plans to keep. Just pay as you use.

That, however, is only the beginning. The best part is yet to come.

Bizinex© MES was proudly developed by Associated Consulting (Pvt) Ltd from grounds up. It isn’t a re-write of any existing software. The program is not an OEM version or anything less than the full, licensed version. At a fraction of a cost of comparable imported software priced in US Dollars or British Pounds, Bizinex© MES is an excellent choice for the retail and wholesale market.

Take a look at the feature comparison and decide for yourself. Call us for a demo today. Within a short time, you will be on your way to managing your business rather than your cash and employees. Pretty soon you will be showing off your Bizinex© MES to your associates and acquaintances.
Bizinex© MES may be the new kid on the block, its got power of profit.”
Bizinex© MES is suitable for any retail or wholesale business including, but not limited to:

  • Apparel businesses:  Men’s clothing, women’s clothing, children’s clothing, shoe stores, cosmetics stores, jewelry & accessories stores, boutiques, fabric stores.
  • Merchandising Businesses:  Pre-packaged foods and groceries, house ware (cutlery, crockery etc.), auto parts, toys & gifts, sporting goods, stationery, bookstores.
  • Appliances, Household Goods, & Electronics Businesses:  Household appliances, electronic products, electrical products, furniture, carpets & rugs, small appliances, mobile phones.
  • Healthcare & Allied Businesses:  Dental clinics, pharmacies, medical supplies & equipment, surgical instruments & equipment, laboratories.
  • Buy/Sell Outfits:  Any business that buys and sells its products, without adding value to the products, to retail or wholesale customers.
  • Service Businesses:  Any service business that sells its services in identifiable units of time, volume, or other units of measure to retail customers including hair dressers, beauty salons, dry cleaners among others.

    Features . . .


  • Thin-Client Architecture
  • Designed for Wide Area Network and Remote Access
  • Responsive Performance Increases Productivity
  • Optimized for TCP/IP
  • Enhanced Data Integrity
  • Fast and Friendly Interface and Navigation
  • Ease of Implementation
  • Modular, expandable
  • Customizable


  • Financial Management System
  • Cash Management (Included in Financial Management)
  • Sales Module
  • Inventory Control
  • Purchase Management
  • System Administration
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