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Bizinex software team distinguishes itself in its dedication to client’s success, employee’s growth and motivation, shareholder’s profitability and good corporate citizenship. We are driven not by profits but by the success of our stakeholders. We are a premiere developer and provider of ERP/EM Software. We are determined to achieve our goals through fair trade practices, avoidance of discrimination in all forms, ethical conduct and professional excellence. We are proud to offer equal employment opportunities to all. We never compromise on principles seek win/win solutions for all stakeholders.

Recognizing that a company is but a collection of people that comprise it, and that a company is only as good as the people who constitute its core, Associated Consulting invests in the future by investing resources in training of its employees. Associated Consulting (Pvt.) Ltd. is committed, also, to developing a winning team of professionals that practice best ethical principles consistent with Islamic Shariah and is highly productive.  Employees are intensively trained and indoctrinated against the norms of the society that have unfortunately rendered Pakistani workforce to be less than competitive and less productive than most developed countries.  The company fosters a work environment that is conducive to productivity.  Everyone is respected for who they are not what languages they speak, what gender they are, what religion they follow, or what economic status they enjoy.  Women are encouraged to apply for work here.  Work environment is modest yet comfortable for all genders.  Above and beyond that, company is a 100% equity-financed business.  Only a small percentage of debt, that bears no interest, is being carried from parties close to the company and willing to park their idle cash for short term.

The management of Associated Consulting believes in its team and the enormous technical and intellectual resource that this team represents.  We believe in human talent and reward it generously.  The focus on client satisfaction, the pursuit of excellence in the quality of our work, the objectivity in problem solving, and the dedication of our employees are cornerstones of our corporate philosophy.

We know we aren’t perfect but we continue pursue perfection in everything we do.


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